Apple Watch Accessory

Available for pre-sales, independent manufacturers are creating Apple Watch accessories. Pictured is the DodoCase stand in solid American Walnut, crafted in San Francisco. Paired with the Apple Watch charger, this elegant solution is functional as well as beautiful. It doubles as a travel accessory, wrapping the cable around the well so that charger and stand stay together. Priced for pre-sale at $69.95 with a $99.94 MSRP—almost 30% of the cost of the entry-level model—the stand is not cheap.

But the bigger opportunity is that there are ways for retailers to cash in on the Apple Watch launch even if they cannot sell the watch itself. As we’ve written several times, we believe that there will be a robust third-party band market created by the Apple Watch as distribution and adoption reach critical mass. Watch stands, storage cases, polishing cloths, leather treatment and other maintenance accessories are likely to also be available later this year as add-on purchases or gift opportunities to Apple Watch owners. There are existing blogs buzzing about the early launches—note that these are decidedly targeted towards men and skew towards the tech crowd, and we expect to see more feminine options as accessory designers realize the buyer dynamics.

Through our network of store checks and e-commerce and digital analysis, we will keep an eye out as more accessories hit the market. Stay tuned!

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