Carrie underwood for Dick’s Sporting Goods

Announced a few months ago, we recently checked out CALIA by Carrie Underwood, an exclusive line for Dick’s Sporting Goods. The moderately priced athleisure athleisurewear (with retails that are lower than Under Armour and Lululemon) is designed to go from yoga studio to street wear without missing a beat. The line is promoted online with a dedicated landing page, organized by category (pictured), with lifestyle images that nicely position the wearable products as a lifestyle purchase. The line utilizes both lightweight fabrics with just enough drape to be both comfortable and flattering, and stretch fabrics that keep their shape without binding. Nice touches such as thumb-holes in the sleeves and some knit textures create focal points and detail that rise above some of the other options at this price point.

Now that we see celebrity takes on this trend, we reiterate our position that this is a longer term change in how American women want to dress. The combination of function, flattering shapes and ease of care are a potent combination for today’s overbooked lifestyles, and now with more options at entry, moderate and aspirational price points there is an option for most shoppers. It helps fill the void in contemporary athletic apparel that consumers are seeking.  We’re also watching the impact that this and other brands across the price spectrum are having on denim and seeing if recent trends in that category create enough newness to matter.

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