Our recent store checks at Target have shown renewed emphasis on style with better merchandising setups and product selection. The refreshed emphasis on apparel and accessories is creating a more unique and special shopping experience. Spied in stores was the Eddie Borgo line of off-the-shelf and customizable accessories, exclusively at the retailer. The diverse line includes, necklaces, bracelets, bags, earrings and even wall art. Each item can be customized with a range of baubles and materials, to create a personalized style statement. Its a bit of the Pandora concept scaled and diversified to a broad appeal.

Customized accessories at this scale is truly differentiating among mass retailers, and indicates an interesting extension of the “design for all” strategy that the retailer has leveraged in other categories. Operationally, replenishment and newness will be a challenge as sell through on individual pieces is likely to be uneven, and there is risk in disappointing customers if their preferred customization piece is not available. With so much to choose from, creating newness may be hard to notice among the existing range of customization options.  Still, we give Target major credit for trying to be different and giving customers a reason to shop there.

We’ll be on the lookout to see how the line sells through and how the store set-ups appear as merchandise moves.

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