Virtually unbranded, unadorned and simply designed, Mansur Gavriel handbags are selling out. Our spot-checks have shown high demand and limited store availability. What is clear is that these well constructed and classic styles are resonating with customers as they eschew flashy designer labels and over-adorned styles. What is also interesting about this brand is that retail penetration remains low—mostly with luxury retailers—with a large percentage of sales occurring online. What also helps add hotness to this brand is it is favored by many celebrities, adding momentum to this understated look.

With softness in the aspirational luxury category, what we may be seeing is a larger trend of less-branded products that favor finesse over flash. We’ve noted that these changes are affecting higher price-point brands with some luxury namesakes showing softness this Spring. It appears that this all-female design duo have tapped into this desire for more personal brands, and are riding the wave up.

We’ll keep track on how Mansur Gavriel grows and what opportunities this provides retailers. We’ll also be watching how these design trends affect larger aspirational brands in their own handbag products.

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